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Taste of Traditional Heritage


History of Tendon (tempura rice bowl), a beloved commoners food in Japan,

is known to date back to the Edo era (1603–1867).

Our brand name, "Kohaku (amber)", embodies our commitment to

"capture the genuine flavors of ingredients while embracing the history and tradition of tendon", just like ambers encapsulating the integrity of ancient plants and other creatures

and continuing to glimmer today.

A bowl of our supreme tendon epitomizes the spirit of "visiting old, learning new."

Tendon Kohaku is a proud testament to Japan's delectable tradition of tendon.


One Who Creates a New History

A keeper of the tradition and a creator of the future


Supervisor TSUKAO Hideki

After graduating Kunitachi Tsuji Ecole Culinaire Francaise, Tokyo, moved to France on his own to master first-class French cuisine.
Upon returning to Japan, taught at Tsujicho group schools as a lecturer of Western cuisine to improve the domestic Western food industry before moving back to the frontline as a chef.

After serving as the master chef in Italian and Japanese restaurants, found a passion in “disseminating the attraction of Japanese cuisine to the world” and took part in the foundation of Tendon Kohaku. Based on his extensive study on the history and recipes of tendon, supervises all culinary aspects of the establishment, including the recipe for traditional Kohaku Tendon.

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