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A Bowl of Supremacy

A peek into our products


Seasonal Tendon

The limited seasonal specialty is brimming with delicacies from the ocean and the field of the season.

The unique dish featuring unusual combinations of flavors from different ingredients epitomizes our culinary prowess.

Because each seasonal recipe comes with different flavors in addition to the signature “secret amber-colored sauce”, you can enjoy various seasonal flavors unique from Kohaku Tendon and Vegetable Tendon.

Seasonal Tendon - Spring -


Seasonal Tendon - Winter -


Seasonal Tendon - Summer -


Seasonal Tendon - Autumn -


Prawn Tendon

The ultimate prawn tendon topped with an unbelievable amount of prawn tempura is ideal for genuine tendon lovers who believe that “prawn is all that matters in a tendon” and do not mind other ingredients so long as a bowl comes with “a heap of prawns”.

Our crispy and juicy prawn tempura guarantees delightful satisfaction till the last bite.

The tempura comes with the “secret amber-colored sauce” and “Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi” rice. Be ready to be astonished at this must-try dish.


Kohaku Tendon

Our signature tendon comes with large prawns and premium chicken, lavishly added with squid, crab stick, shiitake mushroom, young corn, pumpkin and bean. Enjoy the sumptuous delicacy of authentic tendon featuring seafood, meat and vegetables striking a healthy balance. The pleasant texture of crisply fried tempura, perfected with the “secret amber-colored sauce”, engages your appetite till the bowl is empty.

Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice, a perfect company for tempura, is characterized by delicious stickiness and texture that tastes good even after cooled.

Vegetable Tendon

The vegetable rice bowl is chockful of genuine vegetable flavors and nutritional goodness.
In addition to the standard tempura vegetables like pumpkin, eggplant, shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom and bean, modern ingredients like paprika and young corn add variety to textures.

Like Kohaku Tendon, the bowl features the “secret amber-colored sauce” and Hokkaido Nanatsuboshi rice. A perfect treat for vegetable-loving gourmets and vegetarians.

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